22 December, Sunday 19:00 Chamber Hall

My old lady

by Israel Horowitz
translation by Haralampi Annichkin

Production team:

Set designer
Venelin Shurelov
Costume designer
Elitza Georgieva





Translation - Haralampi Annichkin

Director - Stiliyan Petrov

Set designer - Venelin Shurelov

Costume designer - Elitza Georgieva

Мusic - Misho Shishkov-son





An American arrives in Paris to get his inheritance. But as it usually happens in life, and in well-written plays, everything turns out to be much more complicated. For behind all truth are hidden a few other more or less important truths, and behind the face of the missing love may be hiding that of new loves. Or maybe because there are always unexpected events and meetings in Paris. "My Old Lady" is a spectacle that fills one with good mood, faith in the good and true human emotions.


Dramaturge - Svetlana Pancheva

Assistant Director - Boryana Miteva

Design of poster and program - Yanina Petrova

Photographer - Stefan N. Shterev


Premiere - February 17, 2019.


Running time - 1 hr 45 m, without an intermission

The performance is not suitable for persons under 14

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