The Son | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Main stage

The Son

01 h 50 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 12

Production team:

Diana Dobreva
Set Designer
Mira Kalanova
Costume designer
Mira Kalanova
Petya Dimanova
Deyan Georgiev

The Son

by Florian Zeller



Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova


Diana Dobreva

Set & Costume Designer:

Mira Kalanova


Petya Dimanova


Deyan Georgiev


The tense and thrilling plot could well be ‘borrowed’ by Florian Zeller from the drama of any contemporary family these days: divorced parents; their troubled teenage son no longer trusting them and facing a communication breakdown, attempts to ‘scream mutely’ his pain and longing for a family and understanding.

The boy lives with his mother, where a depressing and chilly atmosphere of loneliness pervades, lacking her affection and support, agonizingly missing his father, who has started a stepfamily and has another child. The kid responds by skipping months of school; closing in on himself, cloistering himself behind imaginary protective walls, and rebelling in his own way.

Does his behaviour come as a response to the fact that the chemistry isn’t there between the ex-spouses, who are his parents? To play the blame game? To an upheaval in the stepfamily? To reconciliation?

The Son by Florian Zeller is all about a big and thorny question addressed to all of us from the stage: Does love come at a price? Or you can’t put a price on love?


Icarus Award 2021 for Directing for Diana Dobreva



Mirela Ivanova

Assistant Director:

Olga Nedialkova

Poster photo:

Pavel Chervenkov

Poster and leaflet designer:

Yanina Petrova


Bozhidar Markov


Premiere: 17th and 18th of January 2020

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