Uncle Vanya | Play | National Theatre "Ivan Vazov"
24 June, Saturday 19:00 Chamber Hall

Uncle Vanya

by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
translation by Ivan Nikolov
01 h 30 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 12

Production team:


or Never Looking Back on Life

by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov



Translated from Russian by Ivan Nikolov 

Director/Dramatis - Nikolay Lambrev-Michailovski

Set & Costume Designer - Chaika Petrusheva

Music by Dobrin Vekilov-Doni

Light Designer - Lalio Hristov

Assistant Director - Vasil Riahov

Multimedia - Slavi Georgiev






Chekhov has defined the lifestyle of his characters as ‘Scenes from Country Life’. Still, as with any good and inventively composed play, nothing is what it seems: neither uncle Vanya is a tired and quiet intelligent man nor is Professor Serebryakov only a pompous intellectual, nor is Yelena Andreyevna just a bored beauty; neither is Astrov a bitter and incisive doctor, nor is Sonya just sad and unhappy. For these scenes are also imbued with passion, love andmore life, dreams, disappointments.


Nikolay Lambrev-Michailovski за Uncle Vanya and Anton Chekhov:

‘…Life goes round like a fairground carousel … But then a day comes, when you stop at the mirror willing to eliminate what has been until now. You reject the present in fury and agony, willing to save your soul and body, rushing in a quest for novelty… You have missed and lost values; you have been blind or just unsuccessful in your life, dreams, love and mutuality in your relationship with the others. You fling yourself into the mirror to break it, willing to retrieve something you have seen there, in the crystal pieces. To immerse yourself in it. To feel that you are a man who matters, that you make a difference, that your life is worthwhile. You believe that this is the real thing, but then again this pursuit also proves to be an illusion or just a work of imagination and a desire to catch up with what you have missed or not experienced… And then what? Give up on life or live with the truth about yourself for the days in store for you are yours. After realising what is impossible from now on, it is terribly hard and difficult to accept yourself as you are. Still, the commitment to move on has been granted by God and it would be silly not to accept it. It is also silly not to master in your heart the patience to move on. Only those who have survived the ache of what has been missed and unachieved, are possibly able to take frustration as an energy to keep on living. How many of us pass this test? Chekhov in his hard life dogged by illness, struggles and agony succeeded, believing


In-house dramatist - Svetlana Pancheva

Second Assistant Director - Irina Ivanova

Poster and leaflet designer - Yanina Petrova

Photographer - Bozhidar Markov


Premieres on 21, 22 February 2020

Unsuitable for those aged under 12

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