Sweetie | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
"Apostol Karamitev" Stage


01 h 10 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 12

Production team:

Emil Bonev
Set Designer
Elena Ivanova
Costume designer
Elena Ivanova
Anna Pampulova


by Zdrava Kamenova



Emil Bonev

Set & Costume Designer:

Elena Ivanova


Stefan Dimitrov


Anna Pampulova

Voiceover (the Great Father): Sava Dragunchev
Peppy: Hristo Terziev
Voiceover from the control room: Vito Bonev


The character of Marcella was conceived as early as 2005. The idea of translating pop folk onto the theatre stage sounded very radical at the time and everybody went into raptures about the play and the character but dared not to put it on. I am one of those lucky playwrights, whose dramatic works are starting to be rehearsed hot off the keyboard. Strangely, this one failed to follow suit... It was only in 2018 that director Emil Bonev dug out my precious play and cast the best actress as Marcella... The play was redrafted several times for the changing times and sophisticated pop folk had permeated, subversively and even more detrimentally, through everything, invisibly, but permanently: the media, homes, relationships... We are a pop-folk version of a Western song. Not that we are bad or silly, thats just who we are: noisy, a bit deliberately simplified, because we naively believe that it makes life easier. We are more engrossed in having than in existing with dignity, muffling the real song in our hearts, the finest jazz of our souls, tra-la-laaaa! ‘cause jazz is not precisely the last word in our latter-day world... Here is a rhyme worthy of a pop-folk piece: ‘Jazz is not the last word in our latter-day world’. Enjoy! Hopefully, you’d fall for Marcella, for that Marcella, who still lives in the country, loves her mother’s chapped hands, dreams of becoming a teacher in literature at school and she would have certainly become, but that’s the way things have worked out here and now... tra-la-la!

Zdrava Kamenova


I am sickeningly familiar with the efforts to move from a small village to a big city. The pathway from a wrong choice to failure is marked by prolonged resolutions postponed for the next New Year, next birthday, next Monday... Until one Tuesday you wake up to find yourself regarded as the lowest of the low. Which invisible power makes us pick up the pieces and inspires us to make a fresh start suggesting that we should forget the stumbling blocks of ‘If only…’ and  ‘I was…’ replacing them on our compass with ‘I am…’ and ‘I can…’? And only then shall we realize that there is no such thing as ‘yesterday’. Or ‘tomorrow’ for that matter. Only ‘today’!

Well, Marcella is... a sweetie!

Emil Bonev


Dramaturg of the performance:

Mirela Ivanova

Assistant Director:

Reneta Ikonomova

Poster Photographer and Designer:

Lubomir Sergeev

Leaflet Designer:

Yanina Petrova

Leaflet Photographer:

Bozhidar Markov


Premiere: 20th of February 2020

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