The Wild duck | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Chamber Hall

The Wild duck

translation by Antonia Buchukovska
02 h 00 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 15


by Henrik Ibsen



Antonia Buchukovska


Chris Sharkov


Nikola Toromanov


Nikola Toromanov, Ellis Veli


Asen Avramov

Photography consultant:

Nikolay Traymann

Multimedia "Verle Party":

Vasil Petrakov, Aleksandar Stanishev

Multimedia "The Wild Duck":

Bianca Hinova


"The Wild Duck" is a play by Henrik Ibsen, one of the most significant playwrights in the World Theater. A return from travelling abroad reveals unexpected family secrets that pass through two families in three generations. The secrets raise the question of how truth and justice have a place in a society where success, image, and profit are guaranteed to bring personal happiness and fulfilment. These are the main themes of Ibsen, woven in the unusual symbol of one pet – the wild duck, and lived mostly in the context of photography – the main occupation of a part of the play's characters. "The Wild Duck" is a premonition of the age of self-observation, in which we exist today and in which filming replaces living.


Icarus Award 2019 for Scenography for Nikola Toromanov

Nomination for Icarus Award 2019 for Leading Female Role for Ana Papadopulu for the role of Gina Ekdal

Nomination for Icarus Award 2019 for Directing for Chris Sharkov


Dramaturge of the performance:

PhD Svetlana Pancheva

Assistant directors:

Irina Ivanova, Boryana Miteva

Creative concept of the poster:

Nikola Torromanov

Design of poster and program:

Yanina Petrova


Stefan N. Shterev


Premiere: 12th and 13th of October 2018

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