Karakoncolos | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
12 July, Friday 19:30 "Apostol Karamitev" Stage


01 h 20 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 12

Production team:

Stoyan Radev
Set Designer
Elitsa Georgieva
Costume designer
Elitsa Georgieva
Musical environment
Stoyan Radev


Based on the short story "A Dervish’s Seed" by Nikolai Haitov



Stoyan Radev

Set and Costume Designer:

Elitsa Georgieva

Sound Designer:

Stoyan Radev


"Karakoncolos" is a seriocomic recapitulation of an unusual life, built authentically and enacted marvellously by Valeri Yordanov: his character Ramadan Dervishov of the popular short story "A Dervish’s Seed" by Nikolai Haitov shares with a bear, tamed and domesticated by him, but above all with the spectators his life story: married at the innocent age of 14, he has lost his wife to a neighbour and pining over his lost love, he works himself up into a passion for revenge—to eventually find his true self after years of hesitation and inner struggles. It has taken a long way to go because he is an unruly and unbowed man, as solid as a rock. He gets into heated arguments with the mayor, recounting the first moments of his wedding night, which has been a children’s game, longing to be with his love, which sometimes subdues him and other times makes him great in his devotion to her. He is bursting with natural strength, with naïve and wise discoveries, with stories too funny for words that broaden our notion of the power and the meaning of human beings and their frantic struggle with and for life.

Shutting himself and his broken heart in his mountain cabin, Ramadan Dervishov seems to share himself and his primary experience with the world at large: with people, both close and distant, chance acquaintances and nearest and dearest, with his neighbours and countrymen, with nature and domestic animals, thus rounding off and filling human existence with events and emotions, naivety and wisdom, anguish and laughter.

It is not for nothing that Karakoncolos is a byname for a mythical bogeyman suffering from insomnia. A very interesting eye-opening acquaintance with Ramadan, a character invented by a brilliant creative team and enacted by a generally liked actor, Valeri Yordanov.


Icarus Award 2012 for Leading Male Actor for Valeri Yordanov for the role of Ramadan Dervishev



Mirela Ivanova

Assistant director:

Boriana Miteva

Photo of poster:

Bozhidar Markov

Poster and leaflet designer:

Yanina Petrova


Bozhidar Markov


Premiere: 22nd and 23rd of January 2020 

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