SOME GIRL(S) | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Chamber Hall


01 h 40 m

Production team:

Stefan Spasov
Set Designer
Venelin Shurelov
Costume designer
Elis Veli


by Neil LaBute



Matei Todorov


Stefan Spasov


Venelin Shurelov


Ellis Veli


Teodosii Spasov


"Some Girl(s)" by the world-famous American playwright and film director Neil LaBute, popular among Bulgarian theatre audiences for his productions of the plays "The Mercy Seat", "Bash" and "The Shape of Things", tells the intriguing story of a writer whose role is played by the inimitable IVAN YURUKOV. His character, overwhelmed by the seductions of his first major successes, challenges his fate and his gift by meeting some of his former female lovers in hotel rooms. Why? To awaken his imagination? Or the pain of a failed life? To ask for an apology, or to look for subjects for his future work? Or maybe to start his future family life anew...

A man, in the rush of his career, meets four different, sentimental, and ruthless, simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar women, and together with them "dances" on the edge of the under-experienced. He draws us into the unravelling of a great mystery - whether he is a Don Quixote in love or an "emotional assassin".

In contrast to the "typical" hotel rooms, where encounters with the past take place, the women chosen from the "love list" are very different and surprising. What else does the writer expect to learn from his schoolboy sweetheart Sam, in whose shoes enters the beautiful STEFANIA KOLEVA, whom we remember and love for her unique roles in theatre and cinema? What prompts him to rediscover the extravagant willful, uninhibited Tyler? In her image, we will see the surprising transformation of ILIANA KODZHABASHEVA. The encounter with Lindsay, the beautiful, striking undying charm lady, played by BOIKA VELKOVA, is a real test for Ivan Yurukov's character. But his emotional world will prove most vulnerable in his confrontation with Bob, whose complex nature is portrayed with impressive precision by ANA PAPADOPOULU.

"Can you start "clean" again with love? Erase all disappointments, failures, infidelities, and broken illusions. Because the accumulated experience suggests what love is not. Everybody talks about her, about how important she is to be happy, but the truth is that in most lives she leads to frustration, sensory fatigue, and resignation more so than happiness. Unfortunately, I don't know of any couple that I want my love story to resemble. In the play, a writer goes "on the hunt" for something real in love. The question is, can he find it if he hasn't first cleared his own motives for doing so...? It turns out that love does not tolerate being a means to something else. All this, of course, with enviable humour from the debunker LaBute".

Stefan Spasov



Mirela Ivanova


Boryana Miteva


Bozhidar Markov


Yanina Petrova


Premiere: 18th and 19th of December 2021

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