The Footnotes | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
"Apostol Karamitev" Stage

The Footnotes

01 h 15 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 12

Production team:

Katya Petrova
Set Designer
Boris Dalchev
Costume designer
Boris Dalchev
Hristo Yocov
Anna Pampulova


by Mirela Ivanova



Katia Petrova

Set & Costume Design:

Boris Dalchev


Prof. Hristo Yotsov


Anna Pampulova


Six female characters, each of them balancing on her shoulders an unusual world of her own, full of loneliness, power, doubts, love, and memories and dreams stuck in her throat... The stigmas of their halved lives, longings, family break-ups, social roles, and professional achievements are like backbreaking rucksacks, humped up the road...

The female characters in The Footnotes are six, but, when it comes to women, the theatrical production counts to ten: and to the actresses MARIA KAVARDZHIKOVA, PARASKEVA DZHUKELOVA, ILIANA KODZHABASHEVA, ANA PAPADOPULU, VYARA TABAKOVA and IRINA MITEVA, playwright Mirela Ivanova (an NT in-house dramatist) adds director Katia Petrova, the choreographer Anna Pampulova and multimedia designer Michaela DOREVA.

The Footnotes is an actable reading of our time, added pressure to by the ever-increasing falsetto of the yells of loneliness and the lack of affection and understanding between them. A mother, famous actress Julia Znepolska, and her three daughters: twins Biliana and Bistra and Nina, the baby of the family, are involved in their seriocomic existence and value chaos two more accomplices: actress Lora and Magda, a boutique owner. The occasion, on the face of it, is festive becoming a merciless scene of all fights postponed over the years, of withheld truths, unshared secrets, amassed afflictions, and unbearable guilt. In such a merciless war between a mother and her daughters, between generations and views, love conquers all, but only if we still have the power to summon it up.

What impossible morale and unflagging energy lead the six characters through the merry horror of existing, what wonderful, funny, poetic, and absurd niceties allow them to keep a balanced life? We could possibly find our personal and universal answers; all it takes is searching inside ourselves.

The Footnotes is poet/playwright Mirela Ivanova’s second play for NT. In the summer of 2020, on the occasion of Ivan Vazov’s one hundred and seventieth anniversary, she composed for NT a critically acclaimed lyrical collage, Oh, You, Whoever You Are.


DRAMATURG of the performance:

Mirela Ivanova

Assistant director:

Reneta Ikonomova

Poster designer:

Martin Atanasov

Leaflet designer:

Yanina Petrova


Martin Atanasov


Premiere: 17th and 18th of April 2021

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