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Vyara Tabakova

Vyara Tabakova

Graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts "Kr. Sarafov" (NATFA) in 1993 in the class of Prof. Bonyo Lungov. She debuted on the professional stage in the State Travel Theater with Joan in "Chicago" by David Mamet, the Mother in "Fool for Love" by Sam Shepard, Cleopatra in "The Underground" by Hristo Boytchev. At the stage of the Theatre-Laboratory Sfumato, she played in "No, Me" by Samuel Beckett, Mother in "Born in Witville" based on the works of Georgi Gospodinov and Ani Ilkov. In "Dom Juan in Hell" based on Molière, Baudelaire and Bataille in the "Sofia" Theatre she was Marcelle, and on the stage of "Tears and Laughter" Open Stage Theater she played various characters in the performances "The View", "Chakaloto", "Mechtaloto". Since 2010, she is in the troupe of the "Ivan Vazov" National Theatre and her roles include: Mrs. Rakova in "The Arrivistes" by Ivan Vazov, The Nurse in "The Father" by August Strindberg, Epanchinna in "The Idiot`2012" by Dostoevsky, Jean in "Good People" by David Lindsay-Abaire, The Joy in "The Blue Bird" by Maurice Maeterlinck, Sister Flynn in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" by Ken Kesey, Grusha in "Life Is Wonderful" by Nikolai Erdman, Ines in "As You Desire Me" by Luigi Pirandello, Orchestra warrior in "Caligula" by Albert Camus, Maid in "The Follies of a Day" by Pierre de Beaumarchais, Gwendoline in "How Important It Is To Be Serious (Years Later)" by Tom Thomas. In the year 2000 she participated in the official program of the festival in Avignon with the performance "Hotel Europe" by Goran Stefanovski where she played the role of Madame.

She was nominated for ASKEER Award 2014 for the role of the Mighty Old Woman in "We Are All Right" by Dorota Maslowska.

During this season, on the stage of the "Ivan Vazov" National Theatre, you can watch Vyara Tabakova in the following performances: "A Piano On The Grass", "Caligula", "The Color Of The Deep Waters", "The Follies of a Day", "How Important It Is To Be Serious (Years Later)", "Ripcord", "Company", "The Footnotes", "The Tempest" and "Horo".

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