Useless men | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
18 September, Wednesday 19:00 Main stage

Useless men

02 h 40 m
Comedy, Drama
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 15

Production team:


by Maxim Gorki


Translation and stage version:

Ivan Panteleev


Ivan Panteleev

Scenography and costumes:

Milena Panteleeva


Rashko Mladenov


Written in 1904, "Useless Men" by Maxim Gorky is neither a tragedy nor a comedy. We often perceive it as a drama, in which in the words of one of the characters "no one will die" says the director Ivan Panteleev. Everyone stays alive, but for some life is a heavy burden, and for others a continuation of the search for "the better life". All characters are labouring under illusions for themselves and their surroundings and in fact, have become the comic characters. Temporarily residing in this place, spending their lives quietly and mindlessly at the cottage. But at the same time within themselves these educated but unstable and insecure people, understand that this life does not suit them, that this life is not real, but they are unable to change anything. They are all dissatisfied with their present, which in the words of one of the characters resembles a "monster, demanding of their sacrifices and impossible efforts."


ASKEER Award 2018 for Directing for Ivan Panteleev and Best Performance

Icarus Award 2019 for Directing for Ivan Panteleev and for Best Performance



Mirela Ivanova

Assistant Directors:

Olga Nedialkova, Irina Ilieva

Design of poster and program:

Yanina Petrova


Rosina Pencheva


Vagabonti Films


Premiere: 24th of March 2018

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