The Culprit | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
24 September, Tuesday 19:30 "Apostol Karamitev" Stage

The Culprit

01 h 30 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 14

Production team:

Yourii Dachev
Set Designer
Radina Bliznakova
Costume designer
Radina Bliznakova
Assen Avramov


by Dimitar Dimov



Yourii Dachev

Scenography and costumes:

Radina Bliznakova


Asen Avramov


The bitter comedy of manners, in which the director cleverly confronts actors and spectators with the question – Are we or is the time "guilty" and invites everyone on a journey to themselves, with the charm of the old Sofia Highlife, with a breath of love, with the truth that we all tend to tell others only what we cannot hide. "The Culprit" is a play in which the characters often repeat: "Such were the times". It's meant as an explanation, justification, exoneration... This attempt to pass the responsibility for our actions on time is in fact in unison with the comfort role that we play in front of ourselves. Only, no time is enough to render us completely innocent. Dimitar Dimov writes "The Culprit" in an age ridden with guilt. To its many monstrous distortions, one that seemed to have forgotten all too easily: how hypocritical of us to deny or neglect the unpredictable power of feelings. The heroes of this story are confronted with fears, limitations, illusions, and clichés from the late fifties. Strange, "The Culprit" is a very lonely piece in the Bulgarian dramaturgy, notes Yourii Dachev. With the inexplainable attraction between the characters, the inevitable catastrophes, and the unpronounced revelations. But the continuing misunderstanding about the division of guilt: our own and that of time, makes this text lively and contemporary.



PhD Svetlana Pancheva

Assistant Director:

Reneta Ikonomova

Design of poster and program:

Yanina Petrova


Rosina Pencheva


Premiere: 12th of January 2018

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