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Kire Gyorevski

Kire Gyorevski

Graduated from "Pantomime" at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts "Kr. Sarafov" (NATFA) in 2006 in the class of Alexander Iliev and Alexandra Hong. Two years later, he completed his training at the NOMAD Dance Academy for Contemporary Dances. In 2012, he graduated in acting for drama theatre at NATFA, studying in the class of Prof. Margarita Mladenova and Prof. Ivan Dobchev. He played on the stages of Drama Theatre "Geo Milev" - Stara Zagora, Theatre workshop "Sfumato", Youth Theatre "Nikolay Binev" and Macedonian National Theatre. Since 2018, he has been playing the role of Dimitar Obshti in the play "The Observers (Hypothesis about the Underworld)" directed by Yavor Gardev at the Ivan Vazov National Theater. Since 2022 he has been part of the theatre troupe.

He first participated in a theatre production in 2004, when he played the role of the Pig in "The Princess and The Pig" by Hans Christian Andersen, director: Maria Baneva, Slavyanska Beseda People's Community Center. In 2005, he played the Invalid in Velo Goranov's play "Unfinished Dance" at the "Tear and Laughter" Theater. In the 2005/2006 season at the Theatre workshop "Sfumato", he took part in two performances: Sergey Efron/Seryozha in "Elabuga Station" by Marina Tsvetaeva, directed by Margarita Mladenova and The Wolf in "Astapovo Station" (dance) by Leo Tolstoy, directed by Ivan Dobchev. In the period 2006-2008, based on his idea and concept, Kire Gyorevski created 3 one-man shows: "Rewind or Forward 1", "Rewind or Forward 2" and "Homocanis", ROG Factory, Ljubljana. Between 2006 and 2012, he played several roles in the Educational Drama Theater - NATFA "Kr. Sarafov", including Manifico in "Anima Allegra-Commedia dell'Arte" by the director Alexander Iliev; Tiresias the Blind in "Antigone" by Sophocles, directed by Margarita Mladenova; Edgar in "Dance of the Dead" by August Strindberg, directed by: Maria Atanasova; The Black Monk in "The Black Monk" by A.P. Chekhov, directed by: Marion Durova; a role in "On the texts of..." by Georgi Gospodinov directed by Margarita Mladenova; teacher, master of ceremonies and judge in "Leons and Lena" by Georg Büchner, director: Vladimir Petkov; Andante in "Stairway, Love, Andante" by Lyudmila Petrushevska, directors: Albena Georgieva and Stiliyan Petrov; Feather in "Black Hole" by Goran Stefanovski directed by Ivan Dobchev.

In the Drama Theatre "Geo Milev" - Stara Zagora he played the role of Romeo in "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, director: Petar Denchev (2013), in the Youth Theater "Nikolay Binev": Svetto, Gore Ludiya and Manet in "Bure Baruta" by Dejan Dukovski, director: Ana Bateva (2014).

His significant roles on the stage of the Macedonian National Theater are: Uncle Yakov in "Cabinet Minister's Wife" by Branislav Nusic, director: Natasha Poplavska (2009), Marquisote De Orsini in "The Life of Monsieur de Molière" by Mikhail Bulgakov, director: Aleksandar Popovoski (2012); Special Police in "Terrorism" by Oleg and Vladimir Prezhnyakov, director: Yordan Simonov (2015); Soldier, Writer, Sanator in "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov, director: Ivan Popovsky (2015); Lorraine/Policewoman in "Tartuffe" by Jean-Baptiste Moliere, director: Galin Stoev (2016); The drunkard, Klaik in "Strong Chance" by Dejan Dukovski, directed by Sarjan Janichijevic (2016); Sam Carmichael in "MAMMA MIA!", music and lyrics: Benny Anderson, Björn Ulveus, lyrics: Katherine Johnson, based on the story by: Judy Kramer, director: Natascha Poplavska, co-production with Prospot - Slovenia (2017); Jacob in "The Seagull" by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, directed by Nina Nikolic (2018); Munni in "Hangmen" by Martin McDonagh, director: Yavor Gardev (2019); role in "The Shortest Dramas in the World", various authors, director: Traiche Georgiev (2019).

Kire Gorevski is also well-known to the public for his roles in cinema and television.

Participated in the films: "Willow" (2019), director: Milcho Machevsky; "Dream of Blood and Soul" (short film, 2018), director: Igor Alexov; "Home" (short film, 2016), director: Tanya Todorova; "May be it's the proper thing to do" (short film, 2016), director: Veselin Zografov; "The Woman of My Life" (2015), director: Antony Donchev; "Children of the Sun" (2014), director: Antonio Mitrikeski; "Dreamland" (2013), director: Petra Biondina Volpe; "Third half" (2012), director: Darko Mitrevski; "Misanthropy" (2011), director: Tony Stoev; "The Last Train" (short film, 2010), director: Goran Kostadinov; "Dandelion" (2009), director: Igor Hristov; "Shadows" (2007), director: Milcho Manchevski; "Why did I commit my sin" (2007), director: Ilia Piperkovski; "Does it hurt" (2006), director: Aneta Leshnikovska; "The Inverted Christmas Tree" (2006), directors: Ivan Cherkelov and Boris Zhivkov.

His TV credits include Tarah in War of the Letters (2022); Sniper Ivica Bozic in "Department of Search" (2021); Tariq in "Patyat Na Chestta" (2019-2020); Tony and Vlado's Friend in "Na terapija" (2017); A Serbian officer in "Darvoto na jivota" (2013); Philip in "Undercover" (2011).

During this season, on the stage of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, you can watch Kire Gorevsky in the following performances: "The Merchant of Venice", "Hypothetically", "Moby Dick", "Walking with Gogol", "Fiesta" and "The Observers (Hypothesis about the Underworld)".

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