Antichrist. Chapters VIII, X, XI | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
07 March, Thursday 19:00 Chamber Hall Premiere

Antichrist. Chapters VIII, X, XI

Production team:

Stiliyan Petrov
Scenography and costumes
Nikola Toromanov
Teodor Kiryakov

Antichrist. Chapters VIII, X, XI

Based on Emiliyan Stanev



Stiliyan Petrov

Set design and costumes:

Nikola Toromanov


Milen Kukosharov


Teodor Kiryakov

Dramaturge of the performance:

Maya Pramatarova

А child's voice:

Victoria Tyurolyumova


Stiliyan Petrov's version focuses on three chapters of the novel by Emilian Stanev (1907–1979). Lines and details of the text have been reduced, bringing out and summarizing themes and motifs that bring the classic work into the new century.

The man is the focus of the performance. How is human nature transformed? What is destroyed in her through life's trials? What is preserved in man from his God-given image? It does not emphasize canonical theses but explores the loss of the Divine. The performance seeks an answer to why the only reasonable being among God's creations tragically crashed. Why is even a man of frantic strength and high aspirations, ready for extreme and large-scale manifestations, subject to the earth's gravity? What causes division in man and deprives him of the love and mercy given by God?

"Antichrist. Chapters VIII, X, XI" is not a theological but an anthropological performance. True to the spirit of the novel, it is built on a dramaturgical system charged with strong internal tension and conflict. The three artists, through whom the novel comes to life on stage, unpredictably reveal not only their characters but also the poetics of the work.


The production "Antichrist. Chapters VIII, X, XI" is part of the "Theater+" Program.

Theater+ is a platform for long-term and joint creative work, for the exchange of ideas, and for the popularization of contemporary dramaturgy and stage trends.

Chamber Hall




Boryana Miteva


Nikolay Dimitrov NAD


Yanina Petrova


Stefan Zdraveski


Premiere: 1st and 2nd of November 2023

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