Baby on Board (Baby with the Bathwater) | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
13 September, Friday 19:00 Chamber Hall Premiere

Baby on Board (Baby with the Bathwater)

Production team:

Set Designer
Boris Dalchev
Costume designer
Boris Dalchev
Vocal Pedagogue
Georgy Georgiev-Antika
Teodor Kiryakov
Marion Darova

Baby on Board (Baby with the Bathwater)

by Christopher Durang



Lyubov Kostova


Vasilena Radeva

Set designer:

Boris Dalchev


Emilian Gatzov - Elbi


Marion Darova


Teodor Kiryakov

Vocal coach:

Georgi Georgiev - Antika

Dramaturg of the production:

Mayia Pramatarova


Iliana Kodzhabasheva, Sofia Bobtcheva, Martina Peneva and Boyan Arsov


“Baby on Board” (Baby with the Bathwater) is a contemporary play - a comedy with elements of “dark humour”. The action takes place on the edge of the absurd as the young characters clash with a reality they are utterly unprepared for. Left completely alone and helpless with their newborn child, they feel their love is under threat. Improvisation, a staple of Christopher Durang, both as a writer and actor, is hardwired within the play. It takes off from familiar everyday situations and stereotypical notions, only to dismantle them or build up beyond them in unpredictable ways.

Vasilena Radeva’s production moves between the real and unreal, genuine and dreamt, farce and satire. It transforms into something akin to an anthology of what a young parent should avoid. The dialogue is light, the story - engaging, asking us to view the problem with a style, which is full of parody and humour. 

The production is formed by a quartet of actors, each one of whom is an individual with diverse skills in rapid transformation and a sharp sense towards the genre of the text. The end of the performance comes across as a light tease, as well as a question - is it at all possible to avoid the mistakes of our parents? 

The production of “Baby on Board” (Baby with the Bathwater) is part of the “Theatre+” Program.

Theatre+ is a platform for long-term and collaborative creative work to exchange ideas and present new dramaturgical and stage trends in contemporary theatre.

Chamber Stage




Emiliya Bozova


Meglena Dimitrova

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