The Little foxes | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Chamber Hall

The Little foxes

02 h 00 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 14

Production team:

Stage version
Bina Haralampieva
Set Designer
Svila Velichkova
Costume designer
Svila Velichkova
Assen Avramov


by Lillian Hellman



Pavel Spasov

Director and stage version:

Bina Haralampieva

Scenography and costumes:

Svila Velichkova


Asen Avramov


Lillian Hellman's character play takes us in a "predatory time" and in a family that rushed simultaneously with unsuspected greed, but also with an entrepreneurial spirit towards prosperity, profit, and new life horizons. What do the Hubert's yearn for, what they are striving for with wild zeal, ready to spend and forget moral inhibitions, family sentiment, and social rules – they want to get away from the draughts and limits of existence or to earn a lot of money? The conflict-shaken family in the American South has been swept away by the most important questions we persistently ask today: is happiness and wealth the same? What is the meaning of love in a shaken world? Does time or man impose values?



Mirela Ivanova

Assistant Directors:

Boryana Miteva, Irina Ivanova

Design of poster:

Pavel Chervenkov

Design of program:

Yanina Petrova


Pavel Chervenkov


Stefan N. Shterev


Premiere: 13th, 14th and 15th of December 2017

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