Caligula | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Main stage


01 h 45 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 16

Production team:

Diana Dobreva
Stage adaptation and direction
Diana Dobreva
Set Designer
Nina Pashova
Costume designer
Nina Pashova
Petya Dimanova
Angelina Gavrilova


by Albert Camus



Alexander Sekulov, Diana Dobreva


Diana Dobreva

Stage version and adaptation:

Alexander Sekulov, Diana Dobreva

Scenography and costumes:

Nina Pashova


Petya Dimanova


Angelina Gavrilova


More than 2000 years since the death of Gaius Caesar Germanicus, better known as Caligula, could not erase his image of a cruel, unusual, and tyrannical Roman ruler. It can be boldly argued that he is one of the most controversial historical figures with an unusual and eccentric dictatorship.

"The fatigue of the ideologies gives birth to tyranny, and tyranny’s need for ideology destroys it", says the director of this extremely impressive and highly appealing performance Diana Dobreva.

Until there is no ideology beyond the exercise of pure power, which is synonymous with pure violence, tyranny is invisible, acceptable, and invulnerable. The play by Albert Camus Caligula is about a foreigner of meticulous logic, Sisyphus of absolute power.

And if the emperor is the director with an Uncontrolled will, death is the premier to which everyone is obliged to come. And the more the dictator thirsts for death, the more his regime of rule becomes the norm, a beloved canon, a single dogma of the subjects. The current historical moment makes a particularly valid understanding of Camus’s that human life is a tragic attempt to fight absolute emptiness.

Death solves nothing, and life goes on in the unbreakable silence and emptiness.


ASKEER Award 2018 for Costume Design for Nina Pashova



Mirela Ivanova

Assistant Director:

Irina Ivanova


Bozhidar Markov

Poster photographer:

Ivaylo Stanev

Design of poster and program:

Yanina Petrova


Yavor Veselinov


Premiere: 27th of October 2017

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