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Plamen Dimov

Plamen Dimov

Graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts "Kr. Sarafov" (NATFA) in the class of Prof. Ivaylo Hristov in 2013. Among his first roles on the professional stage are: The Fireman in "The Bald Singer" by Eugene Ionesco in the Theatre-Laboratory Sfumato and German in "The Queen of Spades" by Alexander S. Pushkin in the Nikolay O. Masalitinov Drama Theatre in Plovdiv. 

In 2017, he debuted on the stage of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre with the role of Jesus in the play "The Last Temptation" by Nikos Kazantzakis. On our first stage, he also created the roles of Potekhin in "Magic Summer with its inevitable troubles" by Maxim Gorky, Thomas Vakranyan in "The Tiger" by William Saroyan, Gradyuzak in "Meeting at Sanlis" by Jean Anouy, Antonio in "One Crazy Day" by Pierre de Beaumarchais, the Inspector in "Pretty Fish" by Mark Rylance and Louis Jenkins, Scotty in "Oblog" by David Lindsay-Aber, Chushkarov in "Duel" by Ivan Vazov, Smion in "Vazov's People" by Alexander Sekulov.

He made his debut on the big screen in Ivaylo Hristov's film "Karatsi", followed by "Action", "Bobbi Blazhenia" and the TV series "Otdel Izdirvane", where he played the role of Andrey Tomov.

During this season, on the stage of the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, you can watch Plamen Dimov in the following performances: "The Merchant of Venice", "Moby Dick", "The Hague", "The Follies of a Day", "Ripcord", "Duel", "Vazov's People", "The Tempest", "Fiesta" and "Walking with Gogol".

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