Un Piano Dans l'Herbe (A Piano on the Grass) | Play | Ivan Vazov National Theatre
Chamber Hall

Un Piano Dans l'Herbe (A Piano on the Grass)

01 h 40 m
Age restriction
Not suitable for persons under 14

Production team:

Yourii Dachev
Stage version
Yourii Dachev
Set Designer
Radina Bliznakova
Costume designer
Radina Bliznakova
Assen Avramov

Un Piano Dans l'Herbe

(A piano on the Grass)

by Françoise Sagan



PhD Svetlana Pancheva

Adapted and directed by:

Yourii Datchev

Set & Costume Designer:

Radina Bliznakova


Asen Avramov


I do not remember when I took a liking to Sagan’s writings. In the years of my growing as a reader, she was already a ‘star of my daddy’s day’. Her novels felt weepy, somewhat trite, and indistinguishable from one other. But never boring, no! I was at a loss, though, as to what was scandalous about Bonjour Tristesse (Hello Sadness), much more interesting seemed to be what I happened to know about Sagan’s lifestyle: drugs, gambling, fast cars, outrageous love affairs with men and women alike, altercations at Cannes, when she was Jury President… On the few photos of her in the then Bulgarian press, a more and more ageing woman was seen, looking uncertainly, vaguely reminiscent of a tired bird…

I gradually began to fathom how valiant was Sagan the writer. She spoke about love simply and unexpectedly, as only this feeling would; about sex, forthrightly, with no frills; about separation, tearlessly, but unremorsefully ‘observing’ the love wounds. Her best days as a writer may have long gone; still, Sagan is one of the authors, who will be there for us when we face our failures, the cooling summer, and the loneliness that comes after.

I do not remember when I took a liking for Sagan’s writings, but I knew why: because of her knack for leading us into the art of greeting sadness. And smilingly too. Almost.

Yourii Dachev


Assistant director:

Meglena Dimitrova


Bozhidar Markov

Poster & Program Designer:

Yanina Petrova


Premiere: 15th and 16th of October 2021

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